Our poster

Thanks to the design work of Deirdre White and the photographs of Paul Reynolds, we are pleased to show you our poster for the Simms120 events, running from October 19th to 21st.

For the poster and other imagery, we were keen to show the impact of and importance for Dublin city public housing designed by Simms.  The distinctive curvature of many of his buildings are influenced by the Dutch architects of the early 20th century as well as Simms’s earlier work in England before his job in Dublin. We also wished to show that these public housing complexes are part of a living landscape of the city, under continuous change. People raise families, work out of and develop their communities out of these flat complexes and we wanted to reflect these in the poster.

Look out for these posters in your local library and elsewhere across the city soon. Simms120PosterLoRes

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Eoin O'Mahony

PhD in geography, teaching fellow UCD.

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